The best gym exercises to build wide back

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A well-defined back not only enhances your overall physique but also plays a vital role in maintaining proper posture and preventing injuries. A strong back contributes to improved athletic performance, functional strength, and better overall fitness. In this article, we …

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exercise shrugs

Shrug is an exercise intended to work out the trapezius muscles and visually thicken the neck. Shrugs can be performed both with a barbell and with dumbbells, or with kettlebells. With the correct technique, the main load in this exercise …

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Back Extension

back extension

Back extension is an exercise intended to work out and strengthen the extensors of the back. The back extensors are very important muscles in the human body as they serve to support the spine. In addition, when performing the exercise, …

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Bent Over Barbell Row

bent over barbell row

Bent over barbell row is a basic (multi-joint) exercise that is intended to develop back muscles. The exercise purposefully works out all the muscles of the back, the rear deltas and biceps. The back of the thigh and abdominal muscles …

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Deadlift is a basic (multi-joint) exercise intended to build total muscle mass, since almost 70% of the athlete’s muscle mass is included in the work during the exercise. Almost all muscles of the back, muscles of the legs and abs …

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pull ups

Pull-ups are a basic (multi-joint) exercise intended to build back muscles. The main working muscles in this exercise are the latissimus dorsi, the middle and lower trapezius muscles, the rhomboid and infraspinatus muscles of the back. Secondary are the muscles …

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