Steroid cycles based on trenbolone. Dosages

Attention! The administration of the project does not approve or encourage you to use anabolic steroids. The use of anabolic steroids can cause irreparable harm to your health. This article is for informational purposes only.

The use of trenbolone on the steroid cycle should only be allowed by athletes who already have some experience in the use of “sports pharmacology”. For the first cycle, you should not use such a strong anabolic steroid alone or in combination with other drugs. You should always start with easier pharmacology.

Combining of trenbolone with other steroids

Trenbolone combines well with any anabolic steroids. Of course, you need to understand that you don’t need to take several “progestins” into one cycle. Therefore, the most common combination is trenbolone + testosterone. Also, any oral steroids can be added to such a cycle: methandrostenolone, turinabol, oxandrolone, stanozolol, etc.

It is strongly not recommended to combine trenbolone with clenbuterol and ephedrine due to an increased chance of side effects.

As for the use of trenbolone solo, this is also not the best choice. Trenbolone greatly inhibits the production of your own testosterone. Therefore, testosterone to maintain the normal functioning of the body, as well as a normal erection, must come from outside, that is, in the form of injections. Taking trenbolone with testosterone is the most correct combination.

Trenbolone, testosterone, turinabol steroid cycle

Perhaps the most powerful, popular, working and really correct cycle with trenbolone. For the cycle we need the following: trenbolone enanthate, testosterone propionate, sustanon, turinabol. Since we have both progestins and estrogens on this cycle, we will need aromatase inhibitors and prolactin blockers to minimize side effects. After the cycle, post-cycle therapy (PCT) should be taken using clomiphene, since PCT on tamoxifen is not recommended on a cycle with progestins.

The cycle is designed for 8 weeks + we need a couple of weeks for removing the drugs out of blood. So finally, we start our post cycle therapy at least 2 weeks after the last injection of sustanon. And it is best to start PCT seeing blood tests.

Dosages on trenbolone and testosterone cycle

Testosterone propionate is used at a dosage of 100 mg / every 2 days. Propionate is needed for “acceleration” and “exit”. We take it only the first week at the beginning of the cycle and the week at the end (after the last injection of Sustanon).

We use Sustanon for 7 weeks at a dosage of 250 mg every 4 days.

Turinabol is used for all 8 weeks at a dosage of 40 mg per day. The intake is divided into 2 times, at breakfast and lunch.

We use trenbolone enanthate for 7 weeks at a dosage of 300 mg per week. We make injections 2 times a week, that is, 150 mg at a time.

We do post cycle therapy according to the scheme for a heavy steroid cycle (see Clomid dosages on PCT, link is above). During the cycle, it is unforgettable to take aromatase inhibitors and prolactin blockers, focusing on the indicators of estradiol and prolactin obtained after blood tests for 2 weeks of the cycle.

For those who do not understand everything, I will write in detail for weeks:

1 week: Turinabol + Propionate + Sustanon + Trenbolone

Week 2: Turinabol + Sustanon + Trenbolone. Taking blood tests (in the end of the week)

Week 3: Turinabol + Sustanon + Trenbolone

Week 4: Turinabol + Sustanon + Trenbolone

Week 5: Turinabol + Sustanon + Trenbolone

Week 6: Turinabol + Sustanon + Trenbolone

Week 7: Turinabol + Sustanon + Trenbolone

Week 8: Turinabol + Propionate

Week 9: We don’t take any drugs this week, we wait

Week 10: Taking blood tests and start of post cycle therapy.

Results of trenbolone and testosterone cycle

On such a cycle, trenbolone enanthate will perform the main function of gaining and increasing dry muscle mass and strength indicators. Testosterone will maintain our libido at the proper level.

After such a cycle, you have the right to expect a significant increase in dry muscle mass (about 8-12 kg) and strength indicators (from 20 to 50%), as well as a decrease in body fat.

Video about trenbolone cycle

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