pull ups

Pull-ups are a basic (multi-joint) exercise intended to build back muscles. The main working muscles in this exercise are the latissimus dorsi, the middle and lower trapezius muscles, the rhomboid and infraspinatus muscles of the back. Secondary are the muscles …

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Dumbbell Bench Press

dumbbell bench press

Dumbbell bench press is perhaps the best exercise for working out the pectoral muscles. When doing dumbbell bench press, the front deltoids and triceps are also included in the work. This exercise has two important differences from the bench press. …

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Bench Press

bench press

The bench press is a basic (multi-joint) exercise intended to build chest muscles. The bench press is a basic exercise for developing strong, broad chest and massive shoulders. Exercise is central to any training program, whether the athlete works to …

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Muscle Fiber Ratio Test

muscle fiber ratio test

Let me remind you that muscles consist of of muscle fibers, which are subdivided into slow (red) and fast (white). You can read more about muscle fibers in the article Human Muscle Anatomy If you know the ratio of muscle …

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Muscle Groups

muscle groups

A muscle group is a group of muscles consists of several muscles that perform the same function. That is, when performing any of the same type of movement, the entire muscle group is immediately included in the work. Variesties of …

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Human Muscle Anatomy

muscle anatomy

Before you start exercising in the gym, you need to know what muscles are, what they are and what they are intended for. And so, the muscles of a person are organs of the human body, when contracted or relaxed, …

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