Mass gainer and its varieties

varieties of a mass gainer

Mass gainer is a type of sports nutrition, which is powder with a high carbohydrate content, moderate protein and low fat content. In other words, a weight gainer is protein and carbohydrates, and there are usually more carbohydrates in such a product than protein. The color of the gainer depends on the flavoring additive that manufacturers add to improve the taste of the product. In consistency, a gainer shake is thicker than a protein shake.

Basically, gainers include 20-40% protein and 60-80% carbohydrates. Accordingly, the calorie content of a portion of a gainer is much higher than a portion of a protein shake. Therefore, it is used in order to increase the calorie content in the daily diet. Most of all, this type of sports nutrition is suitable for people who poorly gain muscle mass, that is, ectomorphs. And on a diet for gaining muscle mass, it is best for them to use not a protein shake, but the shake of a mass gainer.

Varieties of mass gainers

Most often, the protein that is in the gainer is a regular whey concentrate. But the carbohydrates that are added to the mass gainer can be different. These can be simple carbohydrates, most often maltodextrin, or complex carbohydrates, such as ground oatmeal.

dave bautista drinks a mass gainer

Therefore, mass gainers are divided into:

1) Simple Carbohydrate Gainer. The basis of such a mass gainer is simple carbohydrates with a high glycemic index.

2) Complex Carbohydrate Gainer. The basis of such a mass gainer is complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index.

Mass gainer with simple carbs (fast release carbs)

simple carbs mass gainer

Maltodextrin is most often used as carbohydrates in such a weight gainer. Maltodextrin is a white powder that tastes sweet. It is made from vegetable starch, most often corn starch, since it is the cheapest. Maltodextrin can also be made from rice or potato starch. Maltodextrin is a simple carbohydrate with a high glycemic index similar to regular sugar. Maltodextrin in the gainer can be substituted for starch, glucose syrup, rice syrup, dextrose or glucose polymers. These are all simple carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. Due to the fact that these carbohydrates are cheap, and there is not a lot of protein in the composition, the price of such a gainer is not high.

Mass gainer with complex carbs (slow release carbs)

complex carbs mass gainer

In such a mass gainer, cereals are most often used as carbohydrates. The composition may include: barley, oats, buckwheat, legumes or bran. Due to the fact that carbohydrates in such a weight gainer are more expensive, the price of such a gainer will be higher than a gainer with simple carbohydrates.

How much a mass gainer should I take to build muscles

A mass gainer is used only by athletes gaining muscle mass. It is pointless to use it during losing weight. Most often, the portions indicated on the gainer label are overstated. They can be 200, 250, sometimes they reach 400 grams. You do not need to focus on the portion indicated on the package.

how much a mass gainer to take

Choosing a portion of a gainer, it will be the most correct to calculate your daily calorie intake required to gain muscle mass. Subtract the calories from this value that you get from regular food. And take the lack of calories using a mass gainer. For an athlete weighing 80-85 kg who eats well, a portion of a mass gainer will most often be 100-150 grams.

How to use a mass gainer (the best time)

A simple carbohydrate mass gainer is the best used before, after, or during your workout. By using a gainer before or during your workout, you will store glycogen in your muscles and there will be less post-workout fatigue. That is, carbohydrates (glucose) that have entered the body from the gainer will be used as energy during the workout.

By using a gainer after training, you will better restore the energy reserves that you spent during training. After all, a mass gainer with simple carbohydrates has a high glycemic index, which means that the glucose level after taking it will be higher, which means that the restoration of energy reserves will be better.

the best time to use a mass gainer

A complex carbohydrate mass gainer is the best used throughout the day, between meals. Due to the fact that complex carbohydrates are in the composition, they will raise the level of glucose in the blood less, which means that the body will produce less insulin for transporting glucose through the body. That is, the chance of accumulating excess fat will be less.

How to choose a mass gainer correctly

Firstly, the gainer should be chosen depending on the time when you will drink it.

Secondly, in the list of ingredients on the label of a gainer, the first place is the product, which is most of all in the composition. There are gainers that contain both simple and complex carbohydrates. And if you see that simple carbohydrates are listed in the first place, be sure that there are much more of them there than complex ones.

Thirdly, carbohydrates are absorbed by the body longer if taken with protein. But, usually there is not a lot of protein in the composition of the gainer (~20%) and this almost does not affect the rate of their assimilation. If you are choosing a simple carbohydrate gainer, the amount of protein does not really matter, because you are taking such a mass gainer for fast energy. But, if you choose a weight gainer with complex carbohydrates, make sure that the protein in such a gainer is more than 30%, this percentage of protein will affect the rate of absorption of carbohydrates.

The content of a mass gainer

the content of gainer

Please find below the names of common products in the composition of various mass gainers:

Simple carbs (fast release): maltodextrin, starch, glucose syrup, rise syrup, dextrose, glucose polymers.

Complex carbs (slow release): grains, barley, avena or oat, buckwheat, legumes, bran.

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