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losing weight

The issue of losing weight worries both men and girls. If in ancient times people did not have the opportunity to eat a lot and without restrictions, but in the modern world we have received such an opportunity. Therefore, now a lot of people suffer from obesity, and the resulting diseases (atherosclerosis, diabetes, etc.).

Our body is designed in such a way that the excess food that enters, it stores in the form of fat. It keeps fat in case of hunger or other unforeseen circumstances. In the case of such situations (the lack of calories), the body begins to use fat as energy. Therefore, we can say that fat is conserved energy. That is why our body is so painful and reluctant to lose extra kilograms, it is simply unprofitable for the body.

The main rule for losing weight

And the rule is very simple, in order to lose weight, you must eat less calories than you spend. When you perform any action, your body spends energy on these actions. When you go to work, the body spends energy, when you exercise in the gym, the body spends energy.

Even now, reading this article, you are wasting energy, because you are thinking the written words over, your brain is working, and the brain consumes a colossal amount of energy, up to 25% of the total energy of the body. Even when you sleep energy is spent, your heart and lungs work, the body also spends energy for their work. So in order to lose weight, you have to spend this energy in total more than it enters the body from food. Then, as additional sources of energy, the body will use excess fat accumulations.

Wasting energy and fat burning

wasting energy

To lose weight, you need to either increase your base wastes of energy or decrease energy that enters to your body. 1 gram of fat contains 9 kcal. Accordingly, to lose 1 kilogram of fat per week (the best option), you should burn 9000 calories or reduce your weekly diet by 9000 calories.

An hour workout in the gym burns about 300-400 kcal, running 1 kilometer at an average pace will burn about 100 calories. Obviously, exercising 20 times a week is much more difficult than just cutting back on your diet and eating less. Therefore, a diet is the best option for losing weight. The gym and cardio will only help you achieve results.

The lack of calories

The lack of calories can be done in two ways: by controlling the amount of food or by controlling the quality of food. That is, you can even lose weight eating high-calorie, unhealthy food. But I do not advise you to do this, for the reason that such products have a lot of calories. And in order to start losing weight, you will have to eat very little portions of such food, which means that you will be constantly hungry.

different calorie content of products

The second way is to control the quality of food. You should get rid of all sources of trans fats and simple carbohydrates from your diet. Your main food should be protein, fats, low glycemic complex carbohydrates and fiber. But, even eating such products, you can get additional weight if you eat them in unlimited quantities. Therefore, the amount of such eaten food also needs to be monitored. Therefore, the main thing during the healthy diet is still the total number of calories that you eat.

The amount of energy you need daily for losing weight

To determine the starting point, that is, the required number of calories from which you should start your diet, it is best to use the following recommendations:

1) Get rid of unhealthy and high-calorie food from your diet.

2) Choose right food to eat for your diet.

3) Make a diet plan and calculate the calorie content.

weighing during fat burning

Let’s say you did all the above and decided that from Monday you will go on a diet. On Monday morning, determine and remember your weight. It is best to weigh yourself on the same day, at the same time, on an empty stomach, so that the results will be the most correct. Then, for a week you maintain a healthy diet according to the plan. And the next Monday morning, you determine weight.

If you see that the result has not changed, it means that the calorie content of your diet is high and you need to reduce it. The best way to do this is by cutting back on carbohydrates a little bit. For example, you ate 200 grams of buckwheat (a glass of dry product) per day. For the next week, you need to reduce this amount and eat, for example, 3/4 cup a day. You need to move in this direction until the weight begins to decrease.

It should be noted that the first week or even 2 weeks, your body will adapt to the new diet. In this regard, during these first weeks, sharp jumps in weight are possible, you can lose from 2 to 5 kilograms per week. But starting from the third week you should reach the figure of -1 kilogram per week. This will indicate that you are doing everything right.

If after 3 weeks you also lose much more than 1 kilogram, then this will mean that your diet is not made up correctly and you need to add calories. Because it is optimal to lose 1 kilogram in weight every week. Anything over this kilogram, it will either burn your muscles or internal organs.

Correct products on a healthy diet

a diet plan

As I’ve said, your main food should be protein, fats, low glycemic complex carbohydrates and fiber. Moreover, you should eat fractionally, that is, often and in small portions. This recommendation allows you to significantly speed up the metabolism.

The amount of protein on a weight loss diet

The main source of protein should be animal protein. It is best to choose lean meat: chicken, turkey, beef. Seafood such as shrimps, squids, crab meat. Fish such as tuna or salmon. Dairy products: low-fat milk, cottage cheese, cheese. Eggs are also a good source of protein. Optimally, you should eat 2-2.5 grams of animal protein per 1 kilogram of body weight.

The amount of fat on a weight loss diet

As for fats, it should be noted that in no case should they be completely excluded from the diet. Without fat, your diet will be ineffective. But food containing a large amount of fat is very high in calories. That is why, you need to choose the right sources of fat eliminating trans fats from your diet. The main sources of fat are: fish, dairy products, vegetable oil. Optimally, you should eat 1-1.5 grams of fat per 1 kilogram of weight. Moreover, the ratio of saturated (animal) and unsaturated (vegetable) fat in the diet should be about 50 to 50.

The amount of carbs on a weight loss diet

carbs on a diet

Simple carbohydrates with a high glycemic index (sugar, white bread, candies, cookies, etc.) should be excluded. The main focus should be on complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and fiber. It is best to choose carbs such as buckwheat, oatmeal, pasta from durum wheat, brown bread made from wholemeal flour.

It is best to choose vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, beets, carrots, etc. You can eat a lot of such vegetables, they have a very low calorie content. But, it is worth noting that vegetables are best eaten raw, since during cooking they significantly increase the glycemic index. Fruits also belong to fiber, but you can’t eat a lot of them, they are also very high in calories, due to their high content of fructose. Fruits are best eaten in the morning, avoiding sweet and high-calorie fruits (grapes, bananas, etc.).

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