Human growth hormone (somatotropin) in bodybuilding

Attention! The administration of the project does not approve or encourage you to use anabolic steroids. The use of anabolic steroids can cause irreparable harm to your health. This article is for informational purposes only.

Although human growth hormone, at the time of this writing, does not belong to anabolic steroids and is approved for use on the territory of most countries, I still posted all the articles on this topic in the Steroid section. Before using growth hormone, you need to think three times whether it is worth risking your health!

And so, growth hormone is not among the prohibited drugs, because of this, it has gained immense popularity in bodybuilding, being an alternative to the use of anabolic steroids. What is this magic “powder”, let’s take a closer look.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH). What is it?

Growth hormone (somatotropic hormone) is a peptide hormone that is produced in the human body in the anterior part of the pituitary gland (a part of the brain). Growth hormone is one of the most important anabolic hormones in the body. The normal content in the human body is 1-5 ng / ml. In sports, growth hormone is used from the outside, in the form of injections. It is used to gain lean muscle mass and burn excess fat.

Varieties of human growth hormone (HGH)

Initially, growth hormone was extracted from the pituitary gland of human corpses. There is an opinion that it could even be extracted from the pituitary gland of pig corpses. But with the progress of science and pharmacology, scientists have managed to change the technology for the production of growth hormone. And therefore, now all somatotropin is divided according to the method of its preparation into:

1) Homologous. These drugs are extracted from the pituitary glands of corpses.

2) Synthetic. These drugs contain the amino acid methionine, which is not found in human somatotropin.

3) Recombinant. These drugs are produced using genetic engineering.

At the moment, most often you can find growth hormone produced using genetic engineering (genetically modified bacterial cells). At the same time, such a growth hormone is no different from the one that is produced in our pituitary gland.

Release forms of human growth hormone (HGH)

There are two forms of release of growth hormone. The first is a light (white) powder, which is packaged in glass bottles. The second form of release is liquid growth hormone. It is already diluted powder, ready for use.

How to dissolve and where to store growth hormone

If you buy growth hormone in powder form, then this powder must be diluted with bactericidal water or sterile water. The diluted composition should be stored strictly in the refrigerator. If you diluted growth hormone with bactericidal water, then you can store the solution for 3 weeks. If you diluted growth hormone with sterile water, then you can store the solution for 3-5 days.

Be careful when diluting the substance. Never shake the vial until the substance is completely dissolved. When putting liquid into a vial, it is best to let it flow down the walls of the glass flask. Remember that growth hormone is converted into amino acids when shaken. They won’t do anything bad for your body, but buying amino acids for 200$ – 300$ is such a scam, is not it? 😀

If you decide to buy growth hormone already diluted (ready to use), then I would not advise you to do this. Since it is not known whether the manufacturer and supplier followed with the storage conditions and rules before the growth hormone entered your hands or not.

Benefits of human growth hormone (HGH)

As I have said, growth hormone is the most important anabolic hormone in the human body. Therefore, it has a number of benefits, such as:

1) Gains lean muscle mass.

2) Accelerates metabolism, and as a result, has a pronounced effect of fat burning.

3) Gives energy.

4) Strengthens bones and connective tissues (tendons and ligaments).

5) Growth hormone is legal, it can be bought at a pharmacy (with a prescription).

Side effects of human growth hormone (HGH)

All the benefits described above sound really impressive. However, it is worth remembering the side effects that may occur with the use of growth hormone. Namely:

1) The growth of internal organs. Do you think that growth hormone selectively promotes growth? No way! Growth hormone contributes to all processes associated with growth in the body. Not only muscles grow but also organs. Of course, on a short cycle, you are unlikely to notice this effect. But when using growth hormone for 2-3 years, I think you will feel it. Look at the bellies of professional bodybuilders. Do you think they have such big bellies because they eat a lot? Of course not, this is all due to the fact that they use growth hormone.

2) An increase in blood sugar levels and inhibition of pancreatic function, and as a result, diabetes. Glucose does rise after an injection of growth hormone, this is one of its actions, this is how somatotropin should work. For people who already have diabetes, the use of growth hormone is VERY dangerous. You can read about HGH and insulin in this article.

3) The risk of increasing the growth rate of cancer cells that were present in the body and that you did not know about.

4) Puffiness. Growth hormone causes water accumulation in the body, which leads to a number of associated negative effects, such as: puffiness of the whole body, increased blood pressure, abnormal levels of sex hormones, etc.

5) Numbness and pain in the joints of the legs and arms. Often this side effect is also called carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). It can be provoked as a result of a sharp increase in the volume of tendons and ligaments (mainly due to water), which begin to put pressure on the nerves going to different limbs.

6) Injection sites. A common problem for everyone who takes somatotropin, the injection site turns red, itches. This is mainly due to the personal intolerance of the body of the substance called mannitol, which performs a binding function in growth hormone. Now imagine that injections need to be done twice a day.

7) Price. There is no need to say much here, somatotropin costs from 10 $ for 10 IU. A cycle of growth hormone costs 3 – 6 times more than a cycle of anabolic steroids, but the effect is not so impressive.

An impressive list of side effects, is not it? And all this is not horror stories, but really possible side effects that can come out on a growth hormone cycle. Therefore, before starting a cycle of growth hormone, answer yourself the question: do you really need it?

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