Does l-glutamine really work?

Benefits of l-glutamine is a highly controversial question. Until now, studies are still being carried out about the benefits of glutamine. And by the way, there are a lot of them.

The positive effects of glutamine are discussed in more detail in this article.

Research of L-glutamine

The most famous independent studies that exist today:

1) A group of scientists, represented by: Armstrong D, Kim PL, Philips SM, came to the conclusion that l-glutamine does not affect protein synthesis after training, and also does not affect the accumulation of glycogen in muscles.

2) A group of scientists, represented by: Chilibeck PD, Candow DG, Davison KS, as well as a group of scientists, represented by: Sanders M, Jose A, came to the conclusion that taking l-glutamine during and after strength training does not affect protein synthesis and strength gains in any way.

3) Scientist Williams MH, came to the conclusion that l-glutamine does not affect overtraining and immunity in any way.

However, in each of these studies, advocates of l-glutamine find inconsistencies, flaws, mistakes and inaccuracies. Therefore, these studies can also be controversial 😀 By the way, as well as studies by scientists at Oxford University, which proved that l-glutamine increases the body’s ability to resist the effects of viruses by 30%, in other words, strengthens the immune system.

L-glutamine. Is it marketing or a working supplement?

Of course, it is worth noting some popular athletes, we will not specify names and surnames, who say that l-glutamine is simply indispensable for strength training. Moreover, really “working” l-glutamine can only be purchased from the brand that they advertise and which is their sponsor 😀 In a word, marketing.

Believe to l-glutamine or not, to the studies above, or to the words of professional athletes, it’s up to you. In any case, you can only find out if l-glutamine really works or not by trying it. From my experience, I can say that if your diet contains a lot of meat, fish, legumes and vegetables, or even if you take protein shakes between meals, then most likely you do not need an additional intake of l-glutamine. These conditions are most often observed by bodybuilders during periods of mass gain.

And completely different conditions come when these athletes run weight loss period. On insufficient calorie content, when much less nutrients enter the body, l-glutamine intake will be effective. Under these conditions, its anti-catabolic effect, as well as such a positive effect as strengthening the immune system, will be extremely useful.

“If you decide to try and buy l-glutamine powder, then you may have a question: is it possible to save money and buy a cheaper analogue of glutamine which is glutamic acid, and what kind of amino acid is this?”

Video about the value of l-glutamine

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