Methandrostenalone (Dianabol, Dbol). Effects of dianabol

Attention! The administration of the project does not approve or encourage you to use anabolic steroids. The use of anabolic steroids can cause irreparable harm to your health. This article is for informational purposes only.

Methandrostenolone (Dianabol, Dbol) is the most commonly used oral anabolic steroid. It was synthesized in the early 60s of the 20th century in the USA, and was originally used to speed up recovery after various injuries. Ten years later, during the time of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it became widespread in bodybuilding. At the moment, dianabol is still widely used in bodybuilding. In addition, methandrostenolone is used for medical purposes, for the treatment of muscular dystrophy and protein metabolism disorders.

Release forms of dianabol and price

Methandrostenolone is also known as methandienone, dianabol, dbol, danabol, naposim.

Dianabol is most often produced in tablets, 10 mg each. There is also a release form with a dosage of 5 mg tablets. Oral methandrostenolone can be purchased at a pharmacy, with a prescription (in some countries,  read below). The cost of pharmacy methane is approximately 15$ USD for a pack of 100 tablets of 5 mg. Athletes, on the other hand, purchase dianabol from anabolic steroid dealers, most often in the Internet. The price is much cheaper and is approximately 8 – 10$ USD for a pack of 100 tablets of 10 mg.

Dbol is also produced in the form of injections and is called liquid methandrostenolone. Liquid dianabol can be produced as an aqueous or oily solution. Due to the very short half-life, it is often used by bodybuilders immediately before competitions. Liquid methandrostenolone can also be purchased from anabolic steroid dealers, and its price is approximately 15$ USD per 10 ml bottle.

Is dianabol banned?

At the moment, the manufacture, purchase, processing, transportation and storage of dianabol and its forms is prohibited on the territory of the most countries in the world. But there are some exceptions, for example, Mexico, Belarus or several states in the USA.

Why do beginners choose dianabol for the first cycle?

Dianabol is most often advised to beginners of the “dark side” for the first anabolic steroid cycle. This is due to the low price of the steroid, it is perhaps the cheapest of all anabolics. The second reason is that during the cycle of methandrostenolone you can very quickly feel its main benefit – an increase in muscle mass. Because of these two reasons dianabol is so common and almost any steroid manufacturer has it on the market.

Benefits and side effects of dianabol

Methandrostenolone has both anabolic and androgenic activity. Therefore, along with the positive effects, side effects can often occur on the cycle of dianabol.

The main positive effect of taking dianabol is an increase in protein synthesis. This leads to the fact that athletes quickly gain muscle mass and increase their strength indicators. Also, the benefits include increased appetite and strengthening the skeletal system.

Side effects when taking dianabol are most often associated either with its toxicity to the liver, or with its aromatization, that is, conversion into estrogens (female sex hormones). Since methandrostenolone is an oral steroid, it negatively affects the liver. If you take blood tests on Dbol cycle, then I can easily assume that you will have overestimated: AST, ALT and alkaline phosphatase. I wrote more about blood tests on a steroid cycle in this article. Because of the same reason, on the cycle of dianabol, you may lose your appetite, have heartburn. All this is due to stagnation of bile.

There is a solution to this situation, this is the use of choleretic drugs. You can buy them at a pharmacy, at a fairly reasonable price. Choleretics should be taken in a teaspoon, half of an hour before each meal.

As for aromatization. Whoever tells you anything about methandrostenolone, it still has an increased tendency to aromatize. Aromatization-related side effects are most often due to overdosing (above 50 mg per day), but can also occur at working doses (20 – 40 mg per day). Therefore, estradiol on dianabol cycle must be monitored! Well, if you don’t do this, you will surely get one, or maybe several side effects at once, such as: reduced libido, depression, mood swings, drowsiness, decreased appetite, gynecomastia, fluid retention, increased blood pressure, acne.

Dianabol solo cycle. Doses and results

This is the most famous steroid cycle for beginners. The scheme of intake and dosages are very simple:

40 – 50 mg of methandrostenalone lasting for 7 – 8 weeks.

After this cycle you can expect 8 – 12 kg increase in muscle mass. Some part of this muscle mass will be water, of course 😀

Post cycle therapy after dianabol solo cycle

No matter what anyone tells you, methandrostenolone is an anabolic steroid. After using ANY anabolic steroid, post cycle therapy (PCT) should be done. Another thing is that post cycle therapy will not be as powerful as after the use of testosterone, but still it should be taken. And it should be with the use of an antiestrogen, and not on tribulus solo. More details about the correct post cycle therapy are written in this article.

Either clomiphene or tamoxifen should be chosen as an antiestrogen for your post cycle therapy. The dosage of antiestrogen is prescribed depending on the duration of the cycle and on the dosage of methandrostenalone used for the cycle. For example, after dianabol solo cycle, at a dosage of 40 mg per day, lasted for 7 weeks, the dosage of clomiphene would be: 15 days at 50 mg, then 15 days at 25 mg. In addition to antiestrogen, you should use on PCT: tribulus, zinc, vitamin E.

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