Why is it important to have breakfast in the morning? What to eat for breakfast

What do you think is the origin of malnutrition? Improper nutrition begins in the morning.

Ask yourself what do you usually eat in the morning? Maybe last night’s dinner? Or coffee with something sweet? Or do you not eat breakfast at all?

In the morning, you set up your body for proper work. It needs energy, vitamins and minerals for the whole day. What you eat for breakfast determines how you feel throughout the day. Like a sleepy fly, or you will be cheerful and happy.

The worst food for breakfast

Are all products suitable for breakfast and is it worth starting the morning with a cup of coffee?

In fact, if you start every morning with a ground or soluble cup of coffee, then you have a risk of developing gastritis. Since coffee irritates the stomach lining. Therefore, before drinking coffee in the morning, you must first eat something.

Many people think that the most useful product in the morning is yogurt. This is also a mistake. Because bifidobacteria die in the acidic environment of a hungry stomach. Therefore, dairy products are best eaten at night. Also get rid of citrus fruits, acid fruits, raw vegetables and juices in the morning. They also irritate the stomach lining and can cause bloating and heartburn. It is better to finish the meal with such products.

It is also worth giving up sandwiches with sausage and pastries. If you choose between a bun or a slice of bread. It is better to give preference to a sandwich with non-smoked sausage. Although this is not the best choice because it is not easy for the stomach to survive such a chemical attack in the morning. It is very difficult for a hungry stomach to process the whole bunch of carcinogens, preservatives and soy added to semi-finished meat products.

Many people are used to drinking tea with candy in the morning, and they believe that it is possible to eat sweets in the morning without any consequences for the figure. This is a huge misconception. After a morning dessert, your appetite will play out even more, which means that the chance that you will overeat will increase. This is justified by the fact that sweet food causes a strong jump in sugar (glucose) in the blood. And then when its decrease comes, the body will begin to demand more and more sugars. Because this spike in blood sugar is like a drug for our body.

The best food for breakfast

So, where does the right breakfast begin and what does it look like?

1) Immediately after waking up, you need to drink a glass of clean, warm water, you can add there a slice of lemon or a spoon of honey. A glass of water in the morning helps to remove toxins from the body and prepares the gastrointestinal tract for work. Cold water should not be drunk because it can cause a cold in the respiratory tract, and cold water in the stomach causes cramps, which can lead to indigestion.

2) “Oatmeal, sir!” Yes, oatmeal is the best breakfast option. Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate, it perfectly saturates the body with energy. In addition, oatmeal cleanes the body from toxins, absorbs all harmful substances like a sponge.

Of course, you can alternate and cook different cereals for breakfast, semolina does not count 😉 Preference should be given to porridge made from cereals with large fractions, such as: buckwheat, millet, wheat, brown rice, bulgur. It is also recommended to add some nuts, dried fruits and a spoon of honey. You can also add simple (fast) carbs to your porridge to improve the flavor. It can be: condensed milk, fruits or berries.

3) Egg whites. This is the best source of protein in the morning. Egg white has a fast digestion rate and an excellent amino acid profile. Therefore, boiled eggs, combined with complex carbohydrates from cereals, are perfect for breakfast.

Whey protein can serve as an analogue of egg whites. As a source of protein in the morning, you can drink a whey protein shake. Whey protein has about the same absorption rate as egg protein, and even exaggerates it in terms of amino acid profile, in particular the content of leucine.

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